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About Me


My mission is to help individuals shed what no longer serves them so that their unique essence can manifest into the world.


My passions fall at the intersection of individual healing, collective transformation and storytelling. For over a decade, I've worked in the creative field as a writer and filmmaker. Though storytelling is still a vital part of my path, my own transformational journey years ago was my initiation into the world of healing.


I am a certified Breathwork Facilitator and Healing-Centered Coach. I have a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, studied theology and pastoral care at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, completed advanced breathwork training with David Elliott, and have been studying individual and collective trauma healing and integration with teacher and author, Thomas Hübl, for three years.  

It is my role to support you as you embark on the journey of transformation. I can provide guidance, but ultimately healing is an individual choice, and one that our interconnected world depends upon.


Healing is for everyone. If you live on this Earth, you are an inheritor of trauma, whether it is collective, ancestral, or individual. It is just a matter of degree. Healing is to look at the hidden places where the past is still frozen, whether we are conscious of it or not. We choose to heal so we can live in the textured beauty of the present moment and walk freely in embodied connection. To heal is to transform, and to transform is to become your true self. To heal yourself, you heal the world. 


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