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Individual sessions weave together trauma-informed transformational coaching, somatic exploration and breathwork to create your unique path toward healing and self-love.​ 

Transformational Coaching: The intention of our work is to help you embody the fullest expression of yourself. We will discover where trauma still lives in the body and how that manifests in behaviors and patterns that are unconsciously repeated throughout your life. Together, we will create a potent and safe container for your parts to express themselves and for inner alchemy to unfold. Our exploration will unpack individual, ancestral and collective trauma you may be carrying. As we turn our attention inward, old energies and stories can be integrated, resulting in more access to presence. Presence is the most powerful portal toward a deeper connection with self, others and life.

Breathwork: Breathwork is a powerful vehicle to process emotions, reset the nervous system and access higher guidance in order to create fertile ground for healing. Experiences include somatic and emotional releases, connection to deeper states of consciousness and visceral awareness of your own energy field.​ Energy healing works synergistically with breathwork, resulting in more vitality, clarity and experiences of flow. Together, we will clear your energy field and return fragmented pieces of yourself back to wholeness.

Transformation is not becoming someone different, but is restoration to a state of wholeness. As we bring our system into harmony, we can relate to the world from a place of proximity and authenticity. Life becomes a creative process filled with safety and wonder.

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